Scientific Programme

November 6th



8:00 Registration + Welcome

» Session 1 » Tiny molecules, busy signalling 

9:00 Maria Carmo-Fonseca
        Live-cell analysis of pre-mRNA processing with single-molecule resolution

9:25 Banafshe Larijani
        Oncoprotein activation and dynamics in Cancer- A quantitative imaging approach

9:50 Sebastian Thompson
        Nano-scale temperature measurement using anisotropy-based nanothermometers

10:05 Ana Gómez-Varela
        Simultaneous imaging for cellular biology using fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy.

10:20 Company Techbites

10:45 Coffee break

» Session 2 » Small Bacteria, Strong Imaging

11:15 Ana Eulalio
        Exploring high-content microscopy to dissect the role of microRNAs in bacterial pathogen-host interaction

11:40 Maria Joao Amorim
        Imaging liquid organelles formed during influenza infection 

12:05 Mariana Pinho
        Bacterial Cell Division: may the force be with you

12:30 Flash Talks

13:00 Lunch & Poster Session                     


» Industry Workshops »

15:00 Industry Workshops @ Room

16:00 Industry Workshops @ Room & @ Booth

16:50 Coffee break

» Community Workshops »

17:20 Community Workshops - WS1 & WS2

        WS1: Functional neurosciences  

       WS2: Bioimage Analysis Open-source Software Tools

18:30 Community Workshops - WS3 & WS4

        WS3: Expansion Microscopy

        WS4: Bioimage Analysis Deep Learning  

19:35 REMOA PPBI Meeting  

20:15 Cocktail reception

November 7th



» Session 3 » Deep, Live, Fast and Furious 

9:00 Chris Dunsby
          High-speed and high-content 3D light sheet fluorescence microscopy

9:25 Willy Supatto
           Advanced second-harmonic generation microscopy: from fast to furious in vivo imaging

9:50 Michael Orger
          Functional dissection of visuomotor circuits in zebrafish

10:15 Emilio J. Gualda
        The zebrafish yolk cell organizes into multiple dynamic microtubules asters during zebrafish epiboly.

10:30 Miguel Monteiro Lopes
        Whole brain analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)biodistribution with single-cell resolution by tissue clearing and light-sheet microscopy. 

10:45 Coffee break

» Session 4 » Supersize Me-soscopy                                               

11:15 Morgane Belle
          Neuroscience in 3D : shedding new light on the nervous system with tissue clearing

11:40 María Victoria Gomez
            Optical tissue clearing and 3D imaging in health and disease

12:05 Aida Garrido Charles
        Rationally designed azobenzene photoswitches for efficient two-photon neuronal excitation.

12:20 Leonor Morgado
       Use of lightsheet imaging to assess pharmacological manipulation effects on zebrafish neural development.

12:35 Gabriel Martins
        OpenT+ OpenSpin= open source multimodal mesoscopic imaging.

12:50 Julien Colombelli
        Innovation driven by Ultra-Low-Cost requirements: lightsheet device for very large cleared organisms.

13:05 Lunch & Poster Session


» Industry Workshops »

15:00 Industry Workshops @ Room

16:00 Industry Workshops @ Room & @ Booth

16:50 Coffee break

» Community Workshops »                                                               
17:20 Community Workshops - WS5 & WS6

        WS5: DIY Mesoscopic Imaging

        WS6: CLEM 

18:30 Community Workshops - WS7 & WS8

        WS7: Image analysis for single molecule localization microscopy 

        WS8: Optical Tissue Clearing 

19:40 BUS to Gala Dinner 

20:00 Gala Dinner

November 8th



» Session 5 » Computational Life, beyond raw data

09:00 Rainer Heintzmann

09:25 Ignacio Arganda Carreras
            Deep learning solutions for the automatic segmentation of mitochondria on EM images.

09:50 Chiara Schirripa Spagnolo          Message-passing parallel algorithm for multicolor single particle tracking.

10:05 Sébastien Tosi

        LOBSTER: An environment to design bioimage analysis workflows for larger and complex fluorescence microscopy data. 

10:20 David Miguel Susano Pinto

Developing microscope software with Python.

10:35 Coffee break

11:05 Platinum Sponsor - Olympus Talk                                             

» Session 6 » Super-resolved: Seeing is... now Better                             
11:25 Siân Culley
            Optimising super-resolution microscopy with NanoJ-SQUIRREL

11:50 Christian Eggeling
           Digging deep into molecular cell dynamics with super-resolution microscopy

12:15 Pieter de Beule

Optical scattering and microscopic imaging of cellular exo- and endocytosis.

12:30 Pedro Matos

Automating multimodal microscopy with NanoJ-Fluidics. 

12:45 Closing Remarks

13:00 Meeting end & Lunch box 

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